The Ornamental Garden


The Garden is about four hectares in all, with numerous distinctive features.

On the western side of the Hall (towards the Ferny Creek Recreation Reserve) the ‘old’ garden is dominated by large Mountain Ash and Mountain Grey Gums. Extensive collections of Rhododendrons, Magnolias and Azaleas have been planted here. There are also many fine deciduous trees and other beautiful shrubs including Viburnum, Hydrangea, Mahonia and Camellia.

On the other side of the Hall there is a magnificent planting of the Protea family, including its Australian members. These are complemented by many species and varieties of South African Ericacea.

Other features include the Calluna Collection, Rock gardens and the Golden Garden, which celebrated the Society’s 50th anniversary in 1982, situated along the entrance road. Rare and unusual trees and shrubs were planted adjacent to the entry road to celebrate the 75th anniversary, in addition to a native garden and water features.

The gardens are open to the public during Shows and for special interest groups at other times by appointment. Free guided tours are available at regular intervals during Shows.

Map of the grounds map.pdf

Maintenance of the Ferny Creek Ornamental Garden Reserve

Planning and development of the Garden is entrusted to a Garden Committee of up to seven members appointed by and responsible to the General Committee. Maintenance costs continue to rise, and the loyalty and efforts of members who work hard at working bees, mowing of lawns and the growing of plants sold at Shows is very much appreciated. The success of their efforts is endorsed by the many appreciative comments from visitors.

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