The propagation group prepares and produces a wide range of plants not readily available to the general public.  The group meets twice weekly for plant propagation and maintenance in the propagation facilities at the FCHS Hall at 100 Hilton Road, Sassafras.  Currently the 2 sessions are Monday and Thursday 9:00am – 12 noon.

Contact: Inge & Michael Hammer  T: (03) 9755 2176

Propagation Training Sessions
Propagation training sessions are held on on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December) from 12:00noon to 2:00pm (BYO lunch).  The training sessions focus on teaching how to propagate plants and their subsequent care.  It is a mixture of discussion, demonstrations and practicals in an informal friendly atmosphere.  Non-members are welcome.

Plant material is sourced from the Ferny Creek Ornamental Garden and from private gardens.  Seed is from private sources and specialist overseas societies.  After propagation, the resulting plants are sold at our major events and some meetings throughout the year, as well as other events outside of the Society.  Some of the plants raised are used in the gardens which are partially maintained by the propagation group.

2022 Training Group Syllabus

20th Semi-hardwood cuttings and streptocarpus cuttings
17th Semi-hardwood cuttings and division of bulbs
17th Possibly leaf bud cuttings and more semi-hardwood cuttings
21st Division of perennials and assist with Show set up
20th Division of perennials and scaling & chipping of bulbs
16th Hardwood cuttings
14th Hardwood cuttings
19th Grafting hardwood and softwood cuttings
15th Basal & softwood cuttings and seed propagation
20st Softwood cuttings and assist with Show setup
17th Root pruning, Streptocarpus & Begonia leaf cuttings, and air layering
Venue: The Hammer’s residence
  No meeting